Allegra Fung was born and raised in South Florida, graduated from Florida State University and was awarded a Merit Scholarship to St. Thomas School of Law in Miami.  She began her career as a Florida Assistant Public Defender in 2000 and was recognized by then Governor of Florida for outstanding performance.  

As a Palm Beach County Public Defender, she spent everyday in court. Her work in the juvenile division helped shape her view on how young people can change their lives for the better with the help of smart policing connecting the real world to the courtroom and working together for the youth of Palm Beach County for the benefit of the community.   Her experience in criminal county and felony divisions developed her skills as a formidable advocate and trial attorney with an undisputed reputation.  She has almost two decades of trial experience and will always advocate for fair & compassionate judgment. 

Allegra began private practice in both civil and criminal law in 2003.  She successfully directed a small firm for 8 years and applied her knowledge to family and criminal law.  Wanting to expand her legal experience she began working for an insurance defense firm.  After three years, Allegra wanted to help the community.  For the last seven years, her current position as Senior Trial Attorney includes representing everyday people in the courtroom and negotiating settlements that work for everyone.  She was recently recognized by the Miami-Date County Bar Association for "outstanding and constructive service to the Bar, Bench and Public".


Allegra married her high school sweetheart sixteen years ago, they have two children and three rescue dogs.